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Intelligent business growth and shareholder value creation

Our mission

In pursuit of our mission, we work to these core values.

What we do

Intelligent business growth and shareholder value creation.

Who we are

Meet our team of experienced business advisors.

What we do

Strategic and financial management support

We deliver long term strategic and financial management support to growing businesses and provide the expertise required to successfully navigate growth and accelerate shareholder value creation.

If you are growing your business with a view to an exit, our skills and experience can add significant value, focusing on strategies for growth that maximise the value of your business to potential buyers.

Strategies to bridge funding

We also have a deep understanding of the venture capital and other funding markets. We can create strategies to bridge the funding gap between the early stages of business growth and higher levels of Venture Capital funding and through our extensive network, are able to help source the funding required by dynamic, high growth companies.

Ambition for growth and exit

Ambition for growth and exit

Our clients are typically companies with ambition for growth and eventual exit, and operate in sectors where rapid change is the norm. Size is not a constraint, but ambition is – we seek to work with companies who have the business model and ambition to realise an eventual exit of more than £10m. Our team has considerable experience with a large number of growth businesses in various sectors including technology, telecoms, IP and engineering.

Who we are

Our experienced team

Our team has a history of working with growth businesses in a variety of fast moving sectors including technology, telecoms, cleantech and green technologies, high-end consulting, software, IP licensing & media, high tech engineering and tech based manufacturing. Our extensive experience enables us to provide focused, and above all, meaningful direction, guidance and support to growth business.

Supplementing the team are a number of individual specialist associates that further extends our reach and expertise.

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