• How we do it

    SRN works with clients on all strategic matters relating to significant ‘future events’ such as business development, expansion, fund raising and mergers and acquisitions.

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Growth Navigation

We provide pro-active management and guidance on a project by project, or long-term basis to facilitate growth, realise future potential and crystallise value. We call this Growth Navigation, and it encompasses all the disciplines required in order to build and optimise shareholder value.

This includes the following primary areas:

  • Business Planning & Strategy Development 
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Funding & Capital Structure
  • M&A Transaction Planning, preparation & Execution
  • Lifesaving Plans

    Core to long-term value creation is the development of a ‘sense checked’ business plan.

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Planning & Strategy

A qualified plan not only promotes internal focus and provides targets against which progress can be measured, but also provides the evidence and assurance required by a potential funder or investor. Our experience and industry knowledge enables us to efficiently evaluate businesses, identifying potential opportunities as well as value destroying issues.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Current situation assessment and review of competitive position
  • Assumption testing and critical appraisal
  • Roadmap planning and analysis, and assessment of alternative strategies
  • Business plan evolution and development of financial model and forecasts
  • Management incentives, succession and exit planning
  • Management Skills

    A critical part of any business’s development is insightful financial management, planning and review.

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Financial Management

Many smaller businesses are unable to afford the full-time skills associated with these activities or do not have the breadth of financial experience within their existing teams. We are able to bring these senior Finance Director/CFO skills to the table on an on-going basis, giving you regular access to quality independent expertise as an integral part of your own management team.

Specifically, we are able to provide:

  • Guidance on appropriate financial management information
  • Board level review of financial performance including KPI and trend analysis and industry benchmarking
  • Advice on the appropriateness of accounting policies, for example revenue recognition and the treatment of R&D
  • Working capital management structure
  • Cost & margin analysis and pricing policy
  • Three year financial plans and associated integrated financial models
  • The right path

    A disciplined and structured approach to running the formal aspects of the business demonstrate professionalism in the way the business operates and is important in keeping the business on the right strategic path.

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Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is paramount, particularly in growing businesses with a view to exit. It inspires confidence in the eyes of a potential acquirer which undoubtedly adds value in any exit process.

We will assist you create and manage an environment of sound governance, including:

  • Acting as a ‘friend’ and adviror to the board, including attendance at board meetings
  • Acting in a formal non-exec capacity if desired
  • Assisting with statutory compliance issues
  • Managing the board meeting process including minutes and follow up actions
  • Ensuring that the contractual documentation in the business is sound and appropriate, including supplier and customer contracts, employment, IPR etc
  • Longer growth

    Access to funding and achieving the appropriate capital structure are both essential to successful longer term growth. 

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Funding & Capital

We possess the specialist skills and investor community contacts necessary to maximise your chances of securing funding, be it from private, public or institutional sources.

We will:

  • Articulate the funding proposition in a format appropriate for investor presentation
  • Identify and approach appropriate potential investors
  • Negotiate and implement the appropriate capital structure
  • Manage funding projects and monitor post deal performance and relationships
  • Early signs

    Defining project scope and objectives, and identifying key target companies at an early stage

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M & A Transaction Planning

This helps to maximise the effectiveness of any mergers and acquisitions process, whether preparing to make an acquisition or readying the company for sale.

We are able to leverage our extensive network of contacts, bringing together a powerful combination of sector knowledge and transaction experience in order to:

  • Research and identify opportunities, whether buying or selling
  • Assess strategic value
  • Develop business plans and marketing collateral to correctly position and articulate the proposition
  • Manage the entire M&A process through to completion
  • Manage post event monitoring and any dispute resolution
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